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Children's Parties

With 45 years experience as a disco supplier and some of our staff working within the radio industry and our roadshow support for many local stations we have developed a great entertainment package specially aimed at children.
Groove Disco is considered as one of the best children's discos in Scunthorpe, don't believe us? ask your friends.
We have been using our formula for children's parties for nearly 20 years and regularly update it by adding new games and refreshing the show.
We understand that your little ones mean everything to you and you want them to feel special on their special day so the DJ together with the children's entertainer will achieve this for you with games, copy dancing and organised mayhem.
We believe that the 2 and half hours is by far the best as you can split it up as 1 hour of fun and games, half hour to cool down, eat and drink, and then the last hour to go crazy again before being picked up by the parents.
We provide balloons, streamers and party poppers for our games and to throw out to the children; all you need to supply is stuff to decorate the venue, sweets and prizes for games etc.
Where the venue allows we also use a smoke machine and bubble machine to enhance the party, although more and more venues are restricting this.
Please click here for our children's Brief
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